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Prime brings Aya to Tayane, when he has enough mana for the trip and she's reviewed her old notes about the things she'll need to know. They split up once in town - she speaks a few sentences of Esevi so he'll be able to communicate, and she heads to the market office alone so it doesn't look like he's trying to steal her.

She goes barefoot, blank-heeled.

No time has passed. The fellow behind the counter recognizes her. "What are you doing back here?"

"I claim Aelare's blessing," says Aya firmly. "I want my papers updated."

"Your cart fell into a magic?" surmises the clerk.

"Yes, and I'm -" She lifts her foot to show off her clean heel.

This makes it much easier for the security guard manning the door to knock her over and get her hands and feet in shackles.

They pat her down; they take her necklace, they take the mirror Prime gave her in case she ran into any trouble, they take her holy water and hit her when she tries to speak to Prime or Perinixu for help and she doesn't get any words out. They haul her into a side room.

"AELARE'S BLESSING," exclaims Aya. "Look at my -"

"Wrong province, as of last week," says the clerk. "In Tharlo the gods aren't allowed to steal any recoverable property anymore. Were there any other survivors from the accident?"

Aya stares at him.

He slaps her hard across the face and repeats his question.

Aya murmurs, "No, sir."


She doesn't look like she's pushing a century of age.

No time has passed.

She has - she still has? - her grace, when she's made to shuffle into a different holding pen. But the magic could have done that.

Magics can do anything.

No time has passed.

Magics can do anything. A magic could give her minor augmented abilities. It would be trivially easy to find a new outfit and a necklace and little bottles of water inside one.

Magics have been known to alter memory. They won't give her her belongings back to check to see if the water and the mirror really connect to people on the other ends.

And no time has passed.
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"Thank you."

Snuggles! Lots of snuggles.
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"... Yes. Sorry," he sighs.
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Sleep, indeed.