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on a lark

She combs and combs the world aside and there is another world, just ahead, and she steps in.

The combed-away hole closes behind her. She puts her comb in her pocket.

Thanjen (Unbitwise)

Blueberry (kappa)

Hivers (Rockeye)
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So far, this world appears to be made of plants, and dirt and fallen leaves and tall trees and other things which are found in forests.
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Here is a small round library that looks like it might be made out of a very large tree indeed, with shelves full of books lining its round walls.

There is a tiny blue unicorn flumphed on the floor reading a book nearly larger than she is - it's a pretty big book, but it is also a very small unicorn - and a few seconds after the traveler arrives, she looks up and blinks with surprise.

"Goodness me," she says. "I wasn't expecting that at all."
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This is a desert. It's very hot and sandy. There might be an orchard over there. There's some weird-looking trees in neat rows, at least, but no animals or people are currently visible from here.