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on a lark

She combs and combs the world aside and there is another world, just ahead, and she steps in.

The combed-away hole closes behind her. She puts her comb in her pocket.

Thanjen (Unbitwise)

Blueberry (kappa)

Hivers (Rockeye)
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"Well, I guess either that's your true form or your true form is something that has trouble moving around on land or doesn't breathe air or is too big to fit in the library," says Blueberry.
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"Neat!" says Blueberry.
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Blueberry giggles. "Were you stuck as a human for a long time? Do you want to go outside and fly?"
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"There's griffins! Not very many of them nearby, but they're not unheard of. And Ponyville is a nice, friendly town, I'm sure nopony will pester you."
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The sky is clear of both clouds and ponies, except for a far-off grey pegasus.
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Blueberry's prediction was correct: nopony pesters her. She can figure out her flying in peace.
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The amulet does not indeed turn them into any non-winged things while they are flying around as a griffin. It is such a convenient amulet that way.
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There's a river! It looks reasonably placid as rivers go, and pretty roomy.
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There are a few of those available!
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The amulet's convenient properties extend to providing each true form with whatever clothing the relevant occupant prefers.
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It is improbably comfortable for attire based on seashells. What an extremely convenient amulet.
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The tiny blue unicorn has tidied away most of the research and is reading the rest of the artifacts book. She looks up and waves a hoof when the griffin returns. "Hello! Did you have fun flying?"

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