purposeful_glory: (j ~ assessing)
Loki Odinsdottir ↾ "Loki" ([personal profile] purposeful_glory) wrote in [community profile] alicornutopia2016-04-18 08:19 pm

leave of absence

Loki is not technically banished. This is just - giving her mother space. To think. About what to do with her wayward child. She will be called back in a few years for a more permanent decision. Midgard's nice enough, anyway, and Sigyn's coming along.

The Bifrost lights up in all its colors and -

- this might be Midgard, but it is not a part of Midgard she ever saw and not the place she was expecting to be dropped, and there is no Sigyn with her.

She holds Lævateinn ready as a glaive. Maybe her mother feared her sorcery and thought she'd best be sent somewhere deadly under the impression she was meant to survive the trip -

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