from_scratch: (l ~ let me go)
Campbell Mark Swan ([personal profile] from_scratch) wrote in [community profile] alicornutopia2016-06-04 10:45 pm

the stork drops, the snake swallows

Akibel Mowar is on his way home from the blacksmith's when he spots it. People are shrieking and fleeing from it, which seems reasonable, as it's a fuckoff huge snake with a mirror for a face. A big mirror.

Kib can't so much flee. He can shriek - he can lurch in the direction of the nearest house and try the door - it's locked. He can amble briskly...

He can break into a run when the snake gains on him and fall flat on his face.

And he can get eaten up.

And it's too bright too bright too bright and he flings his arm over his eyes.

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