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index and how to read: incandescence

Incandescence is an RP (role play) hosted on Dreamwidth between me (Alicorn) and Aestrix. We each play many characters; all of my RP accounts (including many not used in Incandescence) belong to the Belltower community and Aestrix's may be found at Aestrices.

The short version of what Incandescence is about is that we put alternate universe versions of Bella from my fanfiction Luminosity in a wide variety of settings, some fanfictional in nature and others original, with some of Aestrix's characters, and see what happens. (Luminosity is a reasonable introduction to the "Bell" character template, but it is not strictly required reading for Incandescence and the two are not presently mutually canonical in any significant way.)

Incandescence is similar in many ways to Effulgence, which is an RP with loosely the same premise that I run with kappa instead of Aestrix. The circle is completed in the kappa-and-Aestrix comm Pixiethreads and the all-three-of-us Resplendence. There is an index of RPs in this vein by assorted author combinations here. If you like any one of these you should probably read the others too. Effulgence is by far the longest.

Content warnings: Incandescence contains rape, torture, abusive relationships, references to same, and other forms of cruelty to characters. Proceed with caution. We are mean.

Each world in Incandescence may be read alone up until the point where it collides with others. Below is an index in recommended reading order if you plan to read them all. The ∞ symbol next to a section heading means that this heading was still in progress in the last listed thread within that section, but you may read past ∞-marked sections without problems. You may discuss Incandescence (and other Alicorn projects) on the forum. Most posts have comment threads under them; some prefer to read them in threaded mode, where they keep drifting off to the right, but many people otherwise prefer to read in "flat" (just click "flat", and the comments' left margins will all line up and they will be arranged in pages).

Aestrix ran out of impetus with which to write Incandescence. It came to an end formally in January 2015. If you want to know what we originally planned to have happen, it is summarized in this thread. You may download an EPUB of Incandescence.

  1. Chamomile

    1. Picknicking
    2. Thingamajig
    3. Familial
    4. Clannish
    5. Finances
    6. Planetary
    7. Birthday
    8. Properly
    9. Birds
    10. Months
    11. Anniversary
    12. Stash
    13. Population

  2. Bindings

    1. Obvious Choice
    2. Shindig
    3. Announcement
    4. Hostility
    5. Motherly

  3. First Plague

    1. Contact
    2. Breakfast

  4. Door

    1. Into A Magic

  5. Second Plague

    1. Navigation
    2. Revolutionary
    3. Gateway
    4. Prime
    5. History Lesson
    6. Painting
    7. Knife

  6. Phixable

    1. Ghost
    2. Sphinx
    3. Faun
    4. Bugbear
    5. Peryton

  7. Third Plague

    1. You've Got Mail
    2. Equation
    3. Sister
    4. Witch
    5. Dragon

  8. Daevinity

    1. Filtration
    2. Certification
    3. Renovation
    4. Desolate

  9. Fourth Plague

    1. Jealousy
    2. Couples
    3. Homestead
    4. Archaeology
    5. Dissemination
    6. Domain
    7. Dropouts
    8. Keys
    9. Portals

  10. Gemini

    1. Apollo
    2. Cassandra
    3. Nasatya
    4. Artemis

  11. Fifth Plague

    1. Twin
    2. Surprise

  12. Necklace

    1. Golden Knife
    2. Slow Progress
    3. Impatience
    4. Celebrity

  13. Sixth Plague

    1. Falling Ill
    2. Overnight
    3. Repossession
    4. Virtuous Gossip

  14. Ravel

    1. Happenstance
    2. Artificer's Standard
    3. Platinum and Diamond

  15. Midnight

    1. Like Glass
    2. Volatile Under Pressure

  16. Basket

    1. Wildflower
    2. Cultivar

  17. Pond

    1. She Never

  18. Geode

    1. Dreams
    2. He Likes Tea in the Mornings
    3. He's Such A Prude Though
    4. So Far There's Always An Age Gap

  19. Sorcery

    1. Supreme

Due to limitations of Dreamwidth, we cannot edit any comment that has replies under it. Please don't submit notifications of typos in Incandescence unless they're on the top-level posts or the last comments in a thread. Or if you can't understand what was meant and you need clarification.

Please never make comments on story threads. You are encouraged to discuss Incandescence in my forum.

There will not be any more Incandescence, with the possible and rare exception of individual unpealed scenes. If you want closure for these plots and a peek at what we would have done if we'd continued writing, see the eulogy.