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Jan. 23rd, 2016 02:18 pm
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Not indexed or principally hosted here are Silmaril, Effulgence, Incandescence, and Resplendence. There is another glowfic community which is mostly for sandboxes in which I do not appear. Announcements of new and updated-after-periods-of-dormancy sandbox threads of mine are made in this forum thread. Bolded sandboxes have come to clear conclusions; others are dangling mid-storyline, potentially to be picked up later, or trailed off without a strong endpoint. Italicized sandboxes are some of my personal favorites.

You may download a scrape of these sandboxes as an EPUB, and figure out when it was last updated based on this thread.




Milliways Meetings

Aether & Tinuben (with Liz)

Aegis & Charles (with Fi)

Kerron & Bryce (with Adiva)

Aether and the Woggle-Bug (with Nemo)

Kaylo & Giles (with kappa)

Ehail & Elysse (with kappa)

Mallyn, Rithka, and Felicity (with kappa)

Shell Bell and Lynn (with Aestrix)

Effulgence pups and some dragons (with Aestrix and kappa)

Aether and Darren (with Aestrix)

Elspeth and Cypress (with Aestrix)

Max and Ace (with Benedict)

Aether and Parvati (with Anthusiasm)

Earth, Lightning, and Ace (with kappa)

Shell Bell and Edarial (with Aestrix)

Juliet and Mark (with kappa)

Aegis and Mark (with kappa)

Ace and Ann and Sabrina (with kuuskytkolme)

Zeus and Trouble (with kappa)

Ari and Rapunzel (with andaisq)

Assorted Vampires (with andaisq)

Leo and Aleko (with andaisq)

Jenny and Lexi (with Marri)

Ivan and Ethan (with kappa)

Cayra and Flynn (with ErinFlight)

Cayra and Harry (with andaisq)

Elspeth and Meletiti Entelecheiai (with linkhyrule5)

Glen and Shell Bell (with ErinFlight)

Mark and Ashley (with kappa)

Shell Bell and Kiro (with kappa)

Alex in Milliways (with ErinFlight)

Evra in Milliways (with Ajzira)

Juliet and Gloria (with Maggie)

Anna and Angela (with Maggie)

Edie and Aether (with Maggie)

Emily and Ivan (with Maggie) [Emily and Mark (Maggie and kappa)] [Emily and Linya (me and Maggie)]

Emily and Beila (with Maggie)

Kiri and Emily (with Maggie)

Aegis and Edie (with Maggie)

Ashley and Ruth (with Maggie)

Sylvi and Sarah (with Maggie)

Superheroes Box (with Maggie)

Various Bells and Mistral and Lumiere (with Maggie)

Edie and Elspeth (with Maggie)

Gem and Edie and Emily (with Maggie) More Edie and Gem

Aurin and Pletha (with Maggie)

Gren and Glass (with Rockeye)

Kithabel and Milan (with kappa)

Flora in Milliways (with Timepoof)

Veron and Aether (with Aestrix)

Harry and Amariah (with andaisq)

Genderfluid Box (with Pedro and kappa)

Terence and Juliet (with Rockeye)

Terence and Eclipse Bell (with Rockeye)

Bella and Fëanors (with lintamande)

Arda Versions of Loki and Odette (with Maggie and lintamande)

Boots and Idaia (with Maggie and lintamande)

Walta and Ace (with Rockeye)

Shell Bell and a Cloudbank person (with Rockeye)


Elcenia Stuff

Adarin in summoning circle (with Aestrix)

Ekador in summoning circle (with kappa)

Brilliance in summoning circle (with kappa)

Admin in summoning circle (with kappa)

Katran in summoning circle (with lambda)

Hall in the summoning circle (with kappa)

Joy in the summoning circle (with kappa)

Kalinda in the summoning circle (with Christy Hotwater)

Harry in the summoning circle (with andaisq)

Matilda in Linnip (with kappa)

Isabella in the summoning circle (with Eva)

Arcane in the summoning circle (with kappa)

Avet's research projects (with Aestrix)

Miles in the summoning circle (with kappa)

Nick in the summoning circle (with Rockeye)

Sable afloat (with kappa)

Illia and Odette in Elcenia (with Maggie)

Kaede in the summoning circle (with Pedro)


Adventures of Demon Cam

Max summons Demon Cam (with Benedict)

A Joker summons Demon Cam (with kappa)

Ripper summons Demon Cam (with kappa)

Darren summons Demon Cam (with Aestrix)

Minus summons Demon Cam (with kappa)

Emma summons Demon Cam (with Marri)

Facility 3141592 summons Demon Cam (with armokGoB)

the admin summons Demon Cam (with kappa)

Miles summons Demon Cam (with kappa)

Hank summons Demon Cam (with Nemo)

Mark summons Demon Cam (with kappa)

Adanya summons Demon Cam (with Aestrix)

Ari welcomes Demon Cam (with andaisq)

Demon Cam in Terraria (with kappa)

Ari summons Demon Cam (with andaisq)

Metella summons Demon Cam (with kappa)

Isabella summons Demon Cam (with Eva)

Steel summons Demon Cam (with Rockeye)

Daphne has Demon Cam summoned nearby (with Maggie)

Edie summons Demon Cam (with Maggie)

Emily summons Demon Cam (with Maggie)

Alex and Demon Cam are summoned together (with ErinFlight)

Destin summons Demon Cam (with Rockeye)

Demon Cam in Cloudbank (with Rockeye)

Demon Cam in Suranse (with kappa)

Demon Cam in XCOM (with Rockeye)

Sadde and Demon Cam (with Pedro)

Tiro summons Demon Cam (with kappa)

Demon Edie and Demon Cam (with Maggie and lintamande)

Glen summons Demon Cam (with ErinFlight)

Sad Cam and Aral (with kappa)

Sad Cam and Timothy (with lintamande)

Sad Cam and Atailora Korovai (with kappa)

Cam At The End Of All Things (with lintamande)

Cam in Threefold with Sindri (with kappa)

ATEOAT Cam and Kaede (with Pedro)

ATEOAT Cam and Sindri (with kappa)


Fairyland Excursions

Max & Promise (with Benedict)

Emma and Promise (with Marri)

Promise and Darren and Savannah (with Aestrix)

Ari and Promise (with andaisq)

Lord Ruler and Promise (with Nemo)

Promise and the Admin (with kappa)

Promise and the Marinos (with Marri)

Promise and Nick (with Rockeye)

Steel and Promise (with Rockeye)

Daphne and Promise (with Maggie)

Promise in Cape (with Nemo)

Promise and Gren (with Rockeye)

Promise and Miles (with kappa)

Promise and Minus (with kappa)

Callida in Fairyland (with Aestrix)

Thario in Fairyland (with Throne3d)

Lioncourt in Fairyland (with Eva)

Lost Epic and Promise (with lintamande)

Korovai and Promise (with kappa)

The Master and Promise (with ErinFlight)

Occlus and Promise (with Diaeresis)


Misadventures of Holly and Crystal

Holly and Crystal fall into Welce (with Marri)

Holly and Crystal fall near Minus (with kappa)

Holly and Crystal fall near Mark (with kappa)

Holly and Crystal fall near Max (with Benedict)

Holly and Crystal fall into Terraria (with Aestrix)

Holly and Crystal fall near Erin (with Rockeye)

Holly and Crystal fall near Emily and Edie (with Maggie)


Non-Juliet Slayer Bells

Max & Slayer Bella (with Benedict)

Barbecue Forks (with Lynette)

Slayer Bella and Cara (with Anthusiasm)

AU Cruciamentum (with kappa)

Slayer Bella and Miles (with kappa)

Slayer Bella and Shard (with ErinFlight)

Slayer Bella and Fairy Ellie (with Diaeresis)


Lost Pens

Pen and Veron (with Aestrix)

Ari and Pen (with andaisq)

Prime and Pen (with Aestrix)

Pen on Barrayar (with kappa)

Pen and Edie and Emily (with Maggie)

Pen and Gloria (with Maggie)

Pen and Gren (with Rockeye)

Pen in Arda (with lintamande, guest star kappa)

Epic and Pen and Linya (with lintamande)

Pen in Cloudbank (with Rockeye)


Visits to Kaja di Ragnar

Kaja and Darren (with Aestrix)

Veron and Kaja (with Aestrix)

Theod and Kaja (with PDV)

Nick and Kaja (with Rockeye)

Kaja and Aianon (with kappa)


Six-Artifact-Pileup Annie

Annie falls on Stalas (with kappa, guest star Aestrix)

Annie falls on Edie and Emily (with Maggie)

Annie falls on Rirosseth; Sequel (with lintamande)


Miscellaneous/Other Short Form Sandboxes

Lorica and cape!twins (with Aestrix)

Ramón and T'Mir (with Benedict)

AU Bell and Neville (with Lynette)

Loki and Zeviana (with Aestrix)

Harriet and Twilight (with Zack)

Lorica and Aiden (with Calima)

Golden and Ryou (with ErinFlight)

The Organization meets the Golden Empire (with ErinFlight)

Ivan and Mark (with kappa)

Timer and Flush (with PDV)

Jann and Ari (with andaisq)

Flicker at Whateley (with andaisq)

Aurin and Minus (with kappa)

The Lord Ruler in Arceus (with Nemo)

Skeeve and Kithabel (with Nemo)

Inavet and T'Mir (with Aestrix)

Miranda and pinks at Hogwarts (with andaisq)

Quilt and Kithabel (with Aestrix)

Ryou and Kiri (with ErinFlight)

Jann and Sezan (with andaisq)

Jann and Emmalina (with Marri, guest star kappa)

Eve and Suzy and Arthur (with PDV)

Addy and Pinks (with andaisq)

Loki and Nick (with Rockeye)

Loki and Inavet (with Aestrix)

Ari and Clarity (with andaisq)

Gem and Nick (with Rockeye)

Lindworm (with kappa)

A Connecticut Yankee in Tayane (with Nemo)

Steel in Tayane (with Rockeye)

Lurker in Quinn (with Adelene)

T'Mir and Hivers (with Rockeye)

T'Mir and EVE (with Eva)

Hiver in Arceus (with Rockeye)

Angela and Darius (with Aestrix)

Exaltation and Thanjen (with Unbitwise)

Exaltation and Blueberry (with kappa)

Exaltation and Hivers (with Rockeye)

Shara and Aril (with andaisq)

Tetyis in Quinn (with Unbitwise)

Grendyne in Aurum (with Rockeye)

Loki and Raiden (with ErinFlight)

Blair the vampire (with Aestrix)

May, Jaromira, Kanimir, and Daphne (with Maggie)

Aether at Whateley (with andasiq)

Sadde in Aurum (with Pedro)

In Which A Bell Is The Second Coming Of Christ (with Maggie)

Ivan and Aaron (with kappa)

Phaeton!Bell summons Fairy Nick (with Rockeye)

Faith and Chelsea (with Moriwen)

Oat et al (with kappa)

Shell Bell summons Mwamba (with ErinFlight)

Shine AU (with lintamande)

Chris in Rewind (with ErinFlight)

Midnight and Issiak (with lintamande and kappa)

Lost Epic and Aya (with lintamande)

Lost Epic in Superluminal!Barrayar (with lintamande and kappa)

Ambela in Thedas (with kappa)

Boots, Rúmil, and Epic in Space Arda (with lintamande)

Puella Magi Emily and Edie (with Maggie)

T'Mir with Jean and Zari (with Moriwen)




Amounts Of Dragon - (with kappa)

  1. This One Is Safe
  2. Kaylo & Lazarus
  3. Ehail & Lazarus
  4. Miraculous Age
  5. Severe Discomfort
  6. Miracles Two A Penny

In Which Teah... - (with kappa)

  1. Teah in summoning circle
  2. Home Sweet Home

Lumos (with Marri)

  1. Back to School Shopping
  2. Bubble Bubble
  3. Wingardium Leviosa
  4. Joy of Cooking
  5. Hunting Unicorns
  6. Propheteering
  7. Activism
  8. Obliviate
  9. QSWA
  10. Holly Hols
  11. Yuletide

Sunday (with Marri)

  1. Benedicimus Te
  2. Quis Custodiet
  3. Nulli Secundus
  4. Coniecturalem Artem
  5. Via Veritas Et Vita
  6. Vis Accipere
  7. Caveat Uxor
  8. Aeternum Vale

Myth (with Marri)

  1. Restoration
  2. Fashion Statement
  3. To Paris With Love
  4. Investigation
  5. Greeting Cards
  6. Coffee Chats

League (with kappa)

  1. hell of a party
  2. slipped along the way (interstitial; linked from within)
  3. smallts (branch; linked from within)
  4. why is there a word for that (for context, read Amounts of Dragon)
  5. thematically appropriate

Heroic Rescue (with kappa)

  1. let that sync in
  2. unaccountable popularity

Bluebell Flames (with Pedro)

  1. Double Witch
  2. Alchemical Blurb
  3. Witch Hat
  4. Wintery Visits
  5. Summer
  6. High Temperatures
  7. Hatchery

Coruscation (with Pedro)

  1. Rogue, Meet Hero
  2. Endbringer, Meet Gun
  3. Branding Lady, Meet Meek Little Lamb
  4. Brockton Bay, Meet Glam
  5. Behemoth, Meet The Opposition
  6. Internet, Meet [insert title of Glam's webseries]
  7. Philadelphia, Meet Chevalier
  8. Simurgh, Meet Your Nemesis
  9. Brockon Bay Heroes, Meet Plant Tinker
  10. Blasto, Meet Official Opinions On Self-Replicating Minions
  11. Lung, Meet Rewind
  12. Pretoria, Meet Behemoth
  13. Glam, Meet Your New Best Friend
  14. Everybody, Meet The Slaughterhouse Nine

Eclipse (with Pedro) Constellation Import

  1. starve in the wilderness
  2. do not be late
  3. be discreet
  4. find gainful employment
  5. behave
  6. honor thy father
  7. terraform me a planet
  8. comply with international law

Starlight (with Pedro)

  1. and in my hands place honesty
  2. veritable

Fairylights (with Pedro)

  1. finding the way
  2. infiltrating the court
  3. courting the fairy

This Is Constant Escalation (with Nemo)

  1. constant escalation
  2. this is crazy
  3. -trajectory. agreement.-




Avet and Mial (takes Amounts of Dragon as continuity through This One Is Safe) (with kappa and Aestrix) (as Elcenians)

Leafy Glowfic (with kappa and others), various threads (as Ivan and Demon Cam)

Radon Absinthe (with kappa and andaisq) beginning at "onwards to adventure!" (as Narnians)

Witch's Cape, Not Hat (with Nemo and Rockeye) (as Dinah Alcott)

I know you (with llintamande and Maggie) (as Bar)

Strange attractors (with Jarnvidr and Diaeresis) (as Demon Cam)
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Silmaril is an RP (role play) hosted on Dreamwidth and the Glowfic Constellation between me (Alicorn) and lintamande. We each play many characters. All of my Dreamwidth RP accounts (including many not used in Silmaril) belong to the Belltower community; lintamande on DW operates solely out of the lintamande account. Silmaril has also entertained guest/cameo authors Aestrix and kappa.

The short version of what Silmaril is about is that we put alternate universe versions of Bella from my fanfiction Luminosity in a wide variety of settings, some fanfictional in nature and others original, with some of lintamande's takes on characters from the Silmarillion, and see what happens. (Luminosity is a reasonable introduction to the "Bell" character template, but it is not strictly required reading for Silmaril, though it will be helpful background for the thread "overwhelm them with honesty" and its dependencies.)

Silmaril is similar in many ways to Effulgence, which is an RP with loosely the same premise that I run with kappa instead of lintamande. There is an index of RPs in this vein by assorted author combinations here. If you like any one of these you should probably read some others too.

Content warnings: Silmaril contains rape, torture, abusive relationships, references to same, and other forms of cruelty to characters. Proceed with caution. We are mean.

Each world in Silmaril may be read alone up until the point where it collides with others. Below is an index in recommended reading order if you plan to read them all. The ∞ symbol next to a section heading means that this heading was still in progress in the last listed thread within that section at last update, but you may read past ∞-marked sections without problems. You may discuss Silmaril (and other Alicorn projects) on the forum. Dreamwidth posts have comment threads under them; some prefer to read them in threaded mode, where they keep drifting off to the right, but many people otherwise prefer to read in "flat" (just click "flat", and the comments' left margins will all line up and they will be arranged in pages). Glowfic constellation pages are automatically paginated.

You can download an EPUB of Silmaril.

There is a Constellation index of Silmaril. If reading orders conflict, believe the one on this Dreamwidth page.

  1. Elentári

    1. leave of absence (constellation import)
    2. halls of stone (constellation import)
    3. spear of ice (constellation import)
    4. galaxy of stars (constellation import)

  2. Telperion

    1. interplanar studies (constellation import)
    2. applied theology (constellation import)
    3. high-energy physics (constellation import)

  3. Defy Your Limitations

    1. twilight of the idols, baby
    2. we suffer greatly
    3. obliterate me

  4. North

    1. qualifications
    2. it gazed back into me
    3. cry for cancellation

  5. East

    1. overwhelm them with honesty
    2. map of worlds
    3. is there anything you wouldn't do

  6. Shine

    1. the stork drops, the snake swallows (constellation import)
    2. the tree shines, the vala disappoints
    3. the sun rises, the children play
    4. the dreamer wakes, the nightmare proceeds

  7. West

    1. far-flung
    2. go not to the elves for counsel
    3. turn into a pumpkin
    4. twice upon a time

  8. South

    1. when reason's deemed to be sin
    2. introductory wizardry
    3. in the breaking

  9. Kandrona

    1. kidnapping, involuntary administration of memory-altering drugs, and general conduct unfitting an ambassador
    2. obstruction of justice
    3. destruction of property

  10. Southwest

    1. watch your step
    2. twinsies
    3. welcome to the neighborhood

  11. (untitled)

    1. bootstrap
    2. tragic literature

  12. Unbreakable Vow

    1. n'ohere nakwa nha anya
    2. kwesiri ịkpaso ibe ha agwa n'obi nwanne

  13. (untitled)

    1. half a dozen of the other

  14. These posts may or may not join the main Silmaril continuity, but are indexed here for your convenience.

    1. fire and ice
    2. don't touch me

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Loki parks in Doriath for another six years. She manages to make friends with some of the people who have things to do in accelerated perception. The Men who started as babies are full grown. The spell comes along and she refreshes everyone serving as a sorcery backup on a routine basis. She visits people between stints of work; during same she does things that she doesn't have to move around much to do. Writes a memoir. Screws around with decorative illusions. Sleeps, when absolutely necessary.

She's asleep when the quake hits. But not for very long.
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Akibel Mowar is on his way home from the blacksmith's when he spots it. People are shrieking and fleeing from it, which seems reasonable, as it's a fuckoff huge snake with a mirror for a face. A big mirror.

Kib can't so much flee. He can shriek - he can lurch in the direction of the nearest house and try the door - it's locked. He can amble briskly...

He can break into a run when the snake gains on him and fall flat on his face.

And he can get eaten up.

And it's too bright too bright too bright and he flings his arm over his eyes.
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Federation political prisons are not particularly uncomfortable. She's not going anywhere, but she can read, she's considering taking up an instrument, the only really awkward thing is that she doesn't particularly want to be supervised while she's sweating her way through her next pon farr one way or another but that's years off. That and she wishes she'd taken longer to get caught. But she was running out of the really low-hanging fruit anyway.

This is what she signed up for. She makes up imaginary profiles of people on the planets she got to, people who can live longer fuller lives with the stars in reach, one per day. One per day and she'll have loads of estimated impact left unused when she dies. Perfectly reasonable tradeoff and she can still read books.

Someone wants to interview her about Vulcan; they don't want to lose anything that anybody remembers; she gives the interview and then picks up some poetry.
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Loki goes instantly where Huan tells her. She has a safety against landing intersected with solid objects, her or any of her belongings, so dramatic as it would be she can't just appear with her opponent already impaled. She has to actually stab him.

So she stabs him, spikes him from there. And hollows out Lævateinn and channels ice into the wound.
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Bella slips into the school by a side door; she just saw a thing and she thinks she's seen it in a book before and thinks it's supposed to be mostly harmless but before she wakes Giles up over probably nothing or kills a likely neutral demon she wants to check.

And she pushes into the library.
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Bella's house gets done, and she fills it up with things. She experiments with magic, and theorizes when she has more data to work with; when she runs out of her steadily increasing mana supply for a day she studies Quenya. One morning she sits bolt upright in bed, realizes she has not seen a single wheel since she got here, and runs off to Mahtan to explain the concept, which is, it turns out, new.

When Fëanáro is feeling sociable she hangs out with him. He finishes his novel. (In it, the school turns him over to social workers and adopt him out, he escapes his foster family, he encounters a dragon and talks his way past it with stories about Arda, he studies wizardry and is unreasonably effective at it, when the dragon opens a portal to Arda he sneaks through too and the Valar slay the dragon, he fixes his mother with magic, and then he masters planar travel himself and conquers Bella's plane.) He finishes his typewriter, too; Bella's of the opinion that it would have been easier if he made vowels separate instead of consonant-hats, but it works okay like so. She acquires one when there is more than one, and learns to type, because crystal balls are a long time coming.

She has made some progress, though. She finds the common thread in dud combinations that produced an aura, and successfully decomposes all her original spells into pieces and begins to make new combinations. Most of these are trivial like the increased character limit arcane mark. Reverse-engineering her undead-damaging spell, though, gets her (small) arcane healing well in advance of when she was expecting to have that down. So anybody who lives on her block and cuts themselves cooking breakfast can knock on her door - or that of anybody who's getting the spells as she turns them out - and get that seen to without bothering a Maia.

Once a month she sees Miriel. Bella doesn't have any ideas that land any better than "forget you forgot something". But forgetting the contents of that foolish, foolish oath is at least a holding pattern that lets Miriel pretty much live her life, so, therapeutic success? ...Bella makes sure to remind Fëanáro that he is very adorable and lovable and adored and loved.
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This is the wrong building. She could have sworn the RA said "take a left at Emily, first on your right", and Bella did exactly that, and here she is and the rooms in this place don't even seem to be numbered, it's all letters and names. She's not going to find Intro to Subtle Therapy in Room 206 like that. Maybe the RA meant take a left after Emily, not before Emily? Maybe she was supposed to go the other way around the quad and approach Emily from the other direction? She's going to be late.

Bella tries to get out of the letter-named-rooms building to go ask Emily for directions, but that's not a stairwell after all, and there's someone shouting at her not to come in and she flinches back and clonks her elbow on the door and boots or no boots she's down and she -

- is falling -
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In this soup kitchen sits a nun in partial habit, sipping water and frowning at a desk. It is very irregular for adults who aren't volunteering to be at the soup kitchen. It is very irregular for expensive electronics to be in the soup kitchen. The volunteers do seem to know her; they call her "Carlotta".
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Loki is not technically banished. This is just - giving her mother space. To think. About what to do with her wayward child. She will be called back in a few years for a more permanent decision. Midgard's nice enough, anyway, and Sigyn's coming along.

The Bifrost lights up in all its colors and -

- this might be Midgard, but it is not a part of Midgard she ever saw and not the place she was expecting to be dropped, and there is no Sigyn with her.

She holds Lævateinn ready as a glaive. Maybe her mother feared her sorcery and thought she'd best be sent somewhere deadly under the impression she was meant to survive the trip -


Apr. 5th, 2016 07:39 pm
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Isabella ascends to cruising altitude gently to let Luca keep up, and gently accelerates west.
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The sugar runes scatter.

The lights flicker.

And the witch is holding -


Mar. 23rd, 2016 06:29 pm
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Annie is on her trike on her way to school.

This van labeled HAZARDOUS MATERIALS is also on its way to school.

The van hits a patch of black ice. It goes spinning, it turns over, it slices itself open on a wrought-iron fence with spikes, and it disgorges boxes which smash open on the pavement. Some of them skitter clear into the slush.

Some of them - along with most of the van - land on Annie.

There is a whirl of bewildering pain and confusion -

- and she falls to the ground, injured and in more kinds of discomfort beyond that and moaning.

She slowly starts to heal before the eyes of her sole witness.


Mar. 22nd, 2016 05:54 pm
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The next alchemy class of their second year, they arrive to the lab to discover that each of them has an ordinary chicken's egg (brown) and another box of miscellanea.

Slughorn explains, when everyone is assembled, that alchemy with an egg is actually where phoenixes are speculated to originate; but no one has the recipe any more and there haven't been new phoenixes for centuries. They will not be making living things today. But the eggshell is a good base from which to appear lots of possible objects; alchemy doesn't like to conjure things into existence in plain sight but is quite willing that new things appear inside eggshells, cocoons, geodes, and similar. Their eggs have been pre-drained of their interiors for this purpose, although some recipes use full eggs.

As last week, they are invited to come up with recipes on paper for review by the professor before trying anything. Known possible results available with this set of ingredients include wooden, decorated eggs nested inside the shell; a shellful of small sharp teeth (the commonest source of hens' teeth, as they have encountered once or twice in potions); successively smaller eggshells the smallest of which holds a blob of mercury; and a perfectly hardboiled egg which can be arbitrarily flavored by exact details of the process. But they are welcome to aim at another result as long as their procedure looks safe.
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Here is a demon. The demon is in his swimming pool.

He doesn't swim naked, so he takes the summon anyway.

with Suranse triplets (kappa)

with XCOM randos (Rockeye)
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Here is a bar. At it is a girl, late teens - ? - dressed in wide bands of black silk tied ragged edge to ragged edge in a neat pattern. There's a small owl on her shoulder and a stack of napkins at her elbow and she's nursing a cup of something steaming and spicy.
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Karaoke is a charming old Earth pastime in which music which normally has lyrics is played without them and supplying vocals is left as an exercise to the participant. Ivan was coaxed into going by a local handing out drink vouchers for the bar which offers the activity, and there he got slightly tipsy, sang the only three Barrayaran songs in the entire catalogue, made out with a somewhat drunker girl, got her number, and stumbled home while some Earthling was stumbling through interminable verses of some song. It has not been a bad evening.
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Cam is watching a new recording of Atriama, tail swishing in the gap in his couch, and doesn't stop to pause the show when he feels a summons go by.
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Miranda and Sadde were both promising enough in Potions last year that Slughorn has consented to run a junior alchemy tutorial for them, once weekly, on top of their other course load. He informs Sadde that if Sadde's other grades are as uninspiring as they were last year, the alchemy tutorial will be the first thing to give to allow him more time to complete other work; but since Slughorn thinks this is a failure of motivation and not competence they can try with the Alchemy section anyway. (Miranda's coursework is impeccable.) One other second-year from Hufflepuff and two third years also fold into the class to make it somewhat more worth Slughorn's time. They are supposed to read four chapters of a book called Ye Alchymeste's Waye before their first class on Friday evening and the entire book is written like that, but then on Friday they are going to - without any direct wandwork - turn a whole oyster into a pearl, so.

This year also sees the two of them invited to something called the "Slug Club".
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In a bar, there is a girl.

She looks like she has saved up all of her decadent and slothful impulses for a solid decade and is indulging them all at once. She is sprawled on a couch with a book she's only half-reading, and an ice cream sundae, and smiiiiiiling.


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