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Bella slips into the school by a side door; she just saw a thing and she thinks she's seen it in a book before and thinks it's supposed to be mostly harmless but before she wakes Giles up over probably nothing or kills a likely neutral demon she wants to check.

And she pushes into the library.
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In this soup kitchen sits a nun in partial habit, sipping water and frowning at a desk. It is very irregular for adults who aren't volunteering to be at the soup kitchen. It is very irregular for expensive electronics to be in the soup kitchen. The volunteers do seem to know her; they call her "Carlotta".


Mar. 23rd, 2016 06:29 pm
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Annie is on her trike on her way to school.

This van labeled HAZARDOUS MATERIALS is also on its way to school.

The van hits a patch of black ice. It goes spinning, it turns over, it slices itself open on a wrought-iron fence with spikes, and it disgorges boxes which smash open on the pavement. Some of them skitter clear into the slush.

Some of them - along with most of the van - land on Annie.

There is a whirl of bewildering pain and confusion -

- and she falls to the ground, injured and in more kinds of discomfort beyond that and moaning.

She slowly starts to heal before the eyes of her sole witness.
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Here is a demon. The demon is in his swimming pool.

He doesn't swim naked, so he takes the summon anyway.

with Suranse triplets (kappa)

with XCOM randos (Rockeye)
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Karaoke is a charming old Earth pastime in which music which normally has lyrics is played without them and supplying vocals is left as an exercise to the participant. Ivan was coaxed into going by a local handing out drink vouchers for the bar which offers the activity, and there he got slightly tipsy, sang the only three Barrayaran songs in the entire catalogue, made out with a somewhat drunker girl, got her number, and stumbled home while some Earthling was stumbling through interminable verses of some song. It has not been a bad evening.
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In a bar, there is a girl.

She looks like she has saved up all of her decadent and slothful impulses for a solid decade and is indulging them all at once. She is sprawled on a couch with a book she's only half-reading, and an ice cream sundae, and smiiiiiiling.
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He's moving her to a different court to see if it'll improve her attitude. She's allowed to fly. It's been a long, long time since she was allowed to -

She is only allowed to fly to her destination, not anywhere else. She notices that she is not where she should be, that she cannot progress to where she was told to go, and she careens out of control when her wings won't flap anymore, and she crashes.


with Miles (kappa)

with Minus (kappa)

on a lark

Nov. 11th, 2015 10:00 am
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She combs and combs the world aside and there is another world, just ahead, and she steps in.

The combed-away hole closes behind her. She puts her comb in her pocket.

Thanjen (Unbitwise)

Blueberry (kappa)

Hivers (Rockeye)
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Bella wakes up in a house she's never seen before that has to violate six building codes and an air quality regulation. There's furniture - abandoned, crappy furniture - but she's on the floor in the plaster dust among shards of glass that miraculously haven't cut her. She's got her cross on her neck but no crossbow, no stakes, and she feels like she's moving through gelatin. She's not sure if she could stand - she used to be able to stand! - let alone walk, let alone kick a vampire in the chin.

Oh, fuck, what happened, the last thing she remembers is -

- her birthday magic teacher clearly not being Giles's present after all, stupid, stupid -

- she doesn't seem injured. There's a tender spot in her arm but no bruise, just - is that a needle mark. Oh, powers that be fried on a stick.

She shuffles on her knees over to the door, slowly, slowly, sneezing. She tries the knob. It doesn't work - she thinks that's a lock and not her kittenish weakness. Well, of fucking course, you don't dump incapacitated girls in houses and leave the door open, but she had to try. She tries a window. It is also locked, what the fuck kind of house locks from the outside like this, and painted shut to boot. She could punch right through the glass if -

She can't punch through the glass.

Maybe among the debris on this floor is something she can improvise into a lockpick. She's acquainted with the theory, just because she keeps having to break doors down -
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Imps are sort of terrible to fight; it has to be done in plainclothes most of the time, and with sigils alone, neither of which is optimal paladin combat conditions. Kaja is trudging to where she left Ragnar, murmuring prayers to the Winter Light for each of the bites she's received. But at least the imp is gone.
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Everyone knows that mysterious old ladies are kind of a big deal.

Yes, anyone who is female (or wraps up in sufficiently mysterious shawls) and old enough could pretend to be a mysterious old lady, but the actual category of the creatures is a different matter, and one can often tell (though it's better to be on the safe side, when identifying them).

Mysterious old ladies can, in a certain sense, do magic - or help you do magic. Sure, if you decide to take the first milking of your new cow and leave it out in a bowl in the backyard with a garland of roses floating on the surface and then drink it all first thing in the morning without stopping to put on your shoes or comb your hair, nothing will happen. But if you do it because a mysterious old lady told you to, and it was a real mysterious old lady, and you followed all of her instructions? Then you will find that you will get whatever result she advertised.

But if you step into your slippers first or tug a knot out of your ponytail or drink the milk early or late or use daisies for the garland, you will get something else.

It's very important to be exact and careful about these things.

Compared to what happens if you disobey a real mysterious old lady, being occasionally made a fool of by some pretender to the title because your eyesight is going or you were too sleepy to note her lack of a proper mysterious aura is nothing.
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It has never done anything wrong. In fact, none of the air in the patch has, even when it has been in other patches. It's so innocent.

holy place

Aug. 11th, 2015 12:23 pm
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My alternates tend to take over the world. Advice available. Rates negotiable.

Shell Bell puts up her sign and nibbles her most recent charity meal. Not potatoes! It is not potatoes. Or fish or clams. It is rice and curry and a fruity yogurt drink. That nice person told Bar she could use his tab for four meals, and this is meal number two.
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One lovely afternoon Miles gets a rather urgent call from Ivan.
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At a booth in Milliways sits a woman in her thirties, stirring a cup of tea, watching the stars explode. There is a fat boring-looking lawbook under her elbow, and a barcode across the back of her right hand.

Mark (with kappa)

Ruth (with Maggie)
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Aunt Cordelia is going to be away for a while rescuing Miles's long-lost brother. She is concerned that in that time Miles will become so absorbed in his magic netsite that he will forget to eat, or something, which seems entirely plausible, insofar as anything about this situation seems plausible. She would like Ivan to come visit and make sure Miles is looked after. Ivan can do that. Mercifully no one is trying to get him to do any of the things involving this madness that he could not do. Also, conveniently, he doesn't want to be in his apartment for a while because a guy he hooked up with is deeply confused about how interested Ivan is in a long-term arrangement that involves flowers and cute little notes and is having trouble picking up on standard communication about that as anything other than Ivan being a closet case or something. So it's just as well.

Ivan drives up to Vorkosigan House with a suitcase and goes to check on Miles.
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Ivan has just returned to Vorbarr Sultana after a stint on Komarr, where he was filling in for some guy who was on leave for some reason. Home, sweet home. Time to clean out his kitchen, he left on somewhat short notice. He does that. He doesn't have a girlfriend to call. His mother insisted on meeting him when he landed so he's already done his due diligence interacting with her. Hmmm.

He calls Miles.
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Mial gets mail.

Mial gets a lot of mail. It starts out as a lot of mail and builds up to huge drifts of mail, as word spreads; if he doesn't stay on top of it, it may spill out the windows and start appearing in the soup while dinner is fixed and embed itself in the carpet under the sheer pressure of all the other mail.

People want their relatives back. It is mostly dragons who want this, but not exclusively. A number of vampires wish to know if the pontiff has been informed of all this or do they have to write him themselves. (Apparently they're concerned about the possibility of the pontiff being buried in mail but obviously have no such regard for Mial.) Dragons want to know how the possibility of future shrens has been addressed.

Some pixies in Gibryel have written to him about their political problems, unclear on the nature of the miracles available. Someone wants him to "fix Ryganaav". Finnah's egg father has written a rather sentimental letter imploring Mial to intercede with Finnah on the grounds that "it seems this would really take a miracle".

Someone wants him to eradicate south flu. Someone wants him to eradicate their son-in-law. Someone wants him to eradicate dust bunnies. Someone wants him to eradicate Sand Dusk Chanters. Someone wants him to eradicate an obscure parasitic illness of the tropics, and in case he isn't willing to do that, there are several pages of lurid explanation of the parasite's mechanism and anecdotes about people who didn't make it to adequately trained lights immediately. Someone wants him to eradicate nutritional yeast.

A lot of people want miracle teleportation powers. A number of people are concerned that conventional warding might not hold against miracle teleportation powers and want to know what he's going to do about that isn't he an Esmaarlan.

A substantial fraction of the world's dragon population seems to think that their variously heartfelt, scolding, or bewildered correspondence will be what convinces That Which Means To Eternally Plague Us With Shrenhood to do so less Eternally, perhaps this coming Saanen or something, he could have a little party, everyone could celebrate the final disappearance of that nasty family-destroying agonizing disease? Who would want to be a disease? The stunt has certainly gained attention but surely he has enough attention now?

He has a lot of attention now. Letters in assorted envelope colors with little flags on them pop into existence over the coffee table, hit the pile, and slide to the floor.
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Aurin is on the communication crystal with Mial, mid-whine about his most recent breakup (he liked this one!), gradually becoming less deaf to attempts to change the subject, when the crystal abruptly goes dead.
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Ivan has gone and gotten lost in this stupidly large house. The party's turnout hasn't spilled upstairs yet, so he can't ask for directions to the stairwell after having got turned around finding the lav, so he's opening doors. This is a closet. That is someone's office. That room has partially clothed people in it and they aren't pleased to see him. "Sorry." This room -

...the fuck?

It's not a stairwell, but when Ivan eventually finds the stairwell, if the hostess doesn't ask him not to steal her cool house contents that she meant to show off herself, he's going to present to somebody who needs impressing it as his own discovery. Which it is; he discovered it. In he goes to this oddly spacious empty bar.


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