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Akibel Mowar is on his way home from the blacksmith's when he spots it. People are shrieking and fleeing from it, which seems reasonable, as it's a fuckoff huge snake with a mirror for a face. A big mirror.

Kib can't so much flee. He can shriek - he can lurch in the direction of the nearest house and try the door - it's locked. He can amble briskly...

He can break into a run when the snake gains on him and fall flat on his face.

And he can get eaten up.

And it's too bright too bright too bright and he flings his arm over his eyes.


Mar. 23rd, 2016 06:29 pm
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Annie is on her trike on her way to school.

This van labeled HAZARDOUS MATERIALS is also on its way to school.

The van hits a patch of black ice. It goes spinning, it turns over, it slices itself open on a wrought-iron fence with spikes, and it disgorges boxes which smash open on the pavement. Some of them skitter clear into the slush.

Some of them - along with most of the van - land on Annie.

There is a whirl of bewildering pain and confusion -

- and she falls to the ground, injured and in more kinds of discomfort beyond that and moaning.

She slowly starts to heal before the eyes of her sole witness.
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Here is a demon. The demon is in his swimming pool.

He doesn't swim naked, so he takes the summon anyway.

with Suranse triplets (kappa)

with XCOM randos (Rockeye)
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Cam is watching a new recording of Atriama, tail swishing in the gap in his couch, and doesn't stop to pause the show when he feels a summons go by.
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In a bar, there is a girl.

She looks like she has saved up all of her decadent and slothful impulses for a solid decade and is indulging them all at once. She is sprawled on a couch with a book she's only half-reading, and an ice cream sundae, and smiiiiiiling.


Nov. 15th, 2015 12:13 pm
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This is a weird thing.

"Are you sure it's not just artificed folded space?" Kayam asks again.

"I'm sure. It's not completely unlike it, but the flavor's different. I think there's an artifact around somewhere but it's not doing your thing, it's doing - something else. I think ravelers must have worked together on this..."

"...and none of them was a folder."

"None of them was a folder. I've never seen the thing this is before. There's got to be an artifice -"

Shara takes a step closer.

She trips.


And then Shara can't hear the rest of Kayam's scream, because she's somewhere else, too quick to reravel or even start to try.
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The bar is unusually empty. Just one girl, sitting on a barstool, reading one of a rather large stack of napkins.
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Bella finds it.

"Alli!" she twines. "C'mere."

"You c'mere. Easier for you."

"No, you need to come look at this, seriously."

"Okay, fine, where are you?"


So Alli comes out to the garage. Their parents aren't home; Charlie's working, Renée is volunteering with some of the refugee kids at a shelter, trying to find which have parents who just wound up somewhere else, which need adopting, which are going to wind up coming of age adrift in the bursting-at-the-seams system. It's just them, not attending school, recovering.

"Whoa," says Alli. "So when you said you were at the garage, you meant that you were at the freakish restaurant that someone put in our garage."

"This isn't somebody's idea of remodeling," Bella says. "It's too big to be the garage."

"Do you think it's safe?"

"I think one of you should go in first, for sure."

"We don't actually know if I work that way," say two Alli voices, but Bella pushes one of them towards the door anyway.

Nothing happens.

The Allis converge, inside the bar. Bella follows.
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Linus is dead. Stabbed in his sleep by a malcontent mortal who'd pretended friendship to invite the Archangel to stay in his home for the night after singing away a storm. The killer was himself killed by the Archangel's brother, along for the trip, but this does not the less widow the angelica. It does not the less leave the country without its Archangel.

There were eighteen years left in Linus's term, and someone has to fill them out. Alleluia shoos her acolytes and addresses her interface.

The Archangel Linus is dead. Who will be the next Archangel?

The angel Isabella, daughter of the angel Rinnah and the mortal man Charles.

Alleluia's met her... She's very young, she would have been readier if she'd succeeded Linus at the natural end of his term, but Isabella it is.

...She should wait for this news to reach the Eyrie and for Isabella to ask her, but this is an emergency interim change of leadership. Perhaps Isabella would like to have the answer ready as soon as she touches down at Sinai.

And who will be her angelico?

Darius, son of Noah and Abigail.

That's... Well, that's not her acolyte's father's name, but -

- but isn't he adopted -

Alleluia clears the interface. She goes into the acolytes' dormitory and knocks at Darius's door.
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Here, in a place where she is quite an unexpected sight, is:

an eight year old girl with brown-flecked white wings, looking dismayed and lost.

with Prime (Aestrix)

with Edie and Emily (Maggie)

with Gloria (Maggie)

with Gren (Rockeye)
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Kithabel is sitting on the flat top of the tallest tower of her palace, forcing the rain to decline to fall on her, taking a break insofar as she ever takes a break. She has no constructive ends to pursue right now, so she's playing with the lightning in the clouds overhead. She doesn't want to try taking a direct lightning strike yet - she could probably take it, but only probably - but she can tell it to arc here and there in patterns, she can ball it up and watch it roll through the air, she can make it turn colors. She's making sure none of it hits the town, and if it starts a fire in the woods she'll take care of it, but at the moment it's a toy.
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This would appear to be an eight-year-old girl with feathery wings.

This seems highly unlikely to be what actually is, of course, but that is sure what appears to be.

She is trudging morosely through town, attracting odd looks, peering around at everything.
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This is a successor to "call me maybe", which is getting crowded.

Cam is dipping a grilled cheese sandwich into a bowl of tomato soup when he feels the summons. He goes ahead and grabs it. Doesn't even drop the sandwich.

with Mark (kappa)

with Adanya (Aestrix)

with Sable (kappa)

with Ari (andaisq)

with Metella (kappa)

with Miles (kappa)

with Isabella (Eva)

with Steel (Rockeye)

with Daphne (Maggie)

with Edie (Maggie)
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At the bar, there sits a girl with a long copper-colored braid, slight and beautifully-complected and wearing khakis and an oversized pullover. Next to her is an enormous man, darker and looking at her (worshipfully) and the rest of their surroundings (suspiciously), wearing a brown uniform that is held on entirely via the cunning application of magnets. She has a glass of something fizzy and gold and he's got a Coke in its can.
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Kaja's swordstaff decapitates a zombie as Ragnar swoops down. She hears teeth scrape against the metal of her armored boot, but they don't get enough purchase to crunch through, and Ragnar's up again, wheeling for a better strafing angle. There's only three left. She barks commands to her griffin and he banks, flaps, dives.
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Promise is on her way home when she hears something just about crashing through the woods. What could that be?

She lands in a nearby tree, relaxes her wings, and peers at the source of the sound.
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This door was supposed to lead to the hall closet with the cleaning supplies, but Bella doesn't see any good way to mop up spilled soup from the kitchen floor. "Extraplanar studies students," she mutters, stomping into the bar in her nice useful boots. If she takes notes on this place she can probably get extra credit somewhere for it. She goes up to the bar, and notes the lack of bartender. Maybe they stepped out for a minute.


Jul. 7th, 2014 05:40 pm
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Isabella and her husband go home.

And Chamomile's opinions about the proper location of souls assert themselves.


Jun. 25th, 2014 07:42 pm
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Aya names her adopted world Pantheon, and nicknames herself Spring (in the sense of springs of water, like those her goddess is of). Isabella and Adarin stay long enough to make her a mirror set (the other half accompanies them, in space in Isabella's portal bag made by the used-up resurrection herbs), make a portal in a nook of the chosen mountaintop between Pantheon and Chamomile, and leave a marker for another so there will be an easy chain from Chamomile to Pantheon to the home of the elderly and apparently lonesome Adarin.

And when they have done all of this, they stay long enough for not-lonesome Adarin to recover enough mana, and -

they go visit his alt.


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