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In the largest city on Asgard is the second-largest marketplace. (There is a smaller city with more of a commerce focus. Still.) In it, Asgardians are buying and selling objects. The aesthetic is premodern but the technology is high and the magic subtly prevalent; everyone is LARPing their very hardest that they are primordial forces of nature with only pointy sticks and their wits, and the electronics are gracefully hiding while the spellcraft props up the illusion.

Here is an Asgardian with a pointy stick, her wits, and more magic buzzing along in her than any other person for miles around. This is particular notable because she's a she. The more conventional amounts of magic locally had are all found in men.

She's not doing any magic right now, though, she's talking to a paper-seller.
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"You have more magic, more potential than I've seen in years. But so far all you've done is play the role of offended nobility, and I grew tired of that particular song and dance long ago."
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"Very well," Raiden says.
He reaches out, and lends her his sight.

The world recedes slightly. It becomes harder to focus on her immediate surroundings. The people in the market are visible again, as are many people who are farther away. Trying to look at any one of them brings a brief, barely intelligible barrage of sensory input that leaves her with faint impressions of cold passion, old pain, new ideas, magic, war...

The man in front of her is one of the brighter ones. From him there is a brief, vivid impression of distance, regret, and boredom and a chaotic collage of a dozen different worlds.
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"Observation, practice, and a few powerful friends."
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"The location wasn't important. You wouldn't recognize it."
Raiden glances away, "Besides, it doesn't exist anymore."
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"Raiden," he inclines his head.
"It's a pleasure to meet you."
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"Perhaps. It depends on luck and whom I'm trying to teach. Proficiency with magic seems to help."
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"There are a few of us out there. It's easier to learn from someone else than it is to discover it on your own. But none of us have any particular desire to teach."
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"A few times, when I've met someone interesting enough or convincing enough."
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"Not at this moment."
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"Enjoy your life Princess Loki. It looks like it will be an interesting one."
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Raiden watches her go, then goes to find out more about Asgard's magic and traditions.
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On Asgard and some culturally similar planets, magic is a masculine undertaking. Women are supposed to be physical combatants; enchanted objects are one thing, casting spells quite another. It's more acceptable for men to take up weapons than for women to fiddle with the arcane, and in either case it mostly just isn't. The queen has magic, but it's not sorcery - and she's the queen - so it's okay. Neither princess has ever been seriously accused of such unprincessly behavior as delving into the craft of seidr; they're both known to be fine warriors, each with a signature magical weapon.
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