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Annabelline Merry Swan | "Annie" ([personal profile] keep_busy) wrote in [community profile] alicornutopia2016-03-23 06:29 pm


Annie is on her trike on her way to school.

This van labeled HAZARDOUS MATERIALS is also on its way to school.

The van hits a patch of black ice. It goes spinning, it turns over, it slices itself open on a wrought-iron fence with spikes, and it disgorges boxes which smash open on the pavement. Some of them skitter clear into the slush.

Some of them - along with most of the van - land on Annie.

There is a whirl of bewildering pain and confusion -

- and she falls to the ground, injured and in more kinds of discomfort beyond that and moaning.

She slowly starts to heal before the eyes of her sole witness.

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