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Here is a bar. At it is a girl, late teens - ? - dressed in wide bands of black silk tied ragged edge to ragged edge in a neat pattern. There's a small owl on her shoulder and a stack of napkins at her elbow and she's nursing a cup of something steaming and spicy.


Nov. 15th, 2015 12:13 pm
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This is a weird thing.

"Are you sure it's not just artificed folded space?" Kayam asks again.

"I'm sure. It's not completely unlike it, but the flavor's different. I think there's an artifact around somewhere but it's not doing your thing, it's doing - something else. I think ravelers must have worked together on this..."

"...and none of them was a folder."

"None of them was a folder. I've never seen the thing this is before. There's got to be an artifice -"

Shara takes a step closer.

She trips.


And then Shara can't hear the rest of Kayam's scream, because she's somewhere else, too quick to reravel or even start to try.
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Jann is on his way to the Caves of Fire and Night to retrieve a standard quest item therefrom. There is some forest (not of the capitalized or enchanted variety) between him and the entrance. He weaves his horse through trees. Ho hum. Whenever he gets under a relatively clear area of sky he consults the sun to confirm his direction.


May. 21st, 2015 08:06 pm
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Miranda is looking at wands. She wants two, but she isn't going to spring that on Ollivander until she's found a first one. This fir is not right. Neither is this birch, that stubby little rosewood, or this ebony. Hmm.


This pine wand (phoenix feather core) likes her just fine. Sparks! Miranda pays seven Galleons for it and sticks it in her hair.

"Excuse me," she says, when Ollivander turns away.


"May I have a look at some more wands?"

"Something wrong with the one you've got, Miss Swan?"

"No, sir, but please, I want a second one, in case this one gets lost or damaged."

"Planning on that, are you?"

"No one plans to lose things, I just -"

"Planning to mistreat the wand? Leave it lying around? Forget about it someplace, carelessly handle it -?"
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It's never previously occurred to Cayra to put a door across an alucine boundary, but now that she's encountered it in practice it makes sense. It makes it visually obvious and it lets you lock it if you want. This door wasn't locked, and it looked like it led to a public bathroom, not a bar, from the signage, so she's still confused. Still, it's a good idea. She twists open the glass vial pendant around her neck and bends her head to the little blue lily inside to make a note of it; as an afterthought she tries to send it off to her antheomancer-chatcircle, anything to have a decent conversation, but it doesn't go. Her flower doesn't look wilting, but she can put it back in the garden and get a fresher one for the vial later. At least her personal files look okay. She closes up the vial again, giving the flower a touch of antheomancy for its health, and finds a bathroom inside the bar that dominates this little alucine.

And then she emerges into the bar. It doesn't seem to be staffed. Or stocked. Why wasn't it locked?

Hello, anybody here?

with Flynn (ErinFlight)

with Harry (andaisq)

Due to some icon rearrangement errors, some of Flynn's tags appear with an incorrect icon. The correct face for this thread is Rosario Dawson's.


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