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Isabella and her husband go home.

And Chamomile's opinions about the proper location of souls assert themselves.


Jun. 25th, 2014 07:42 pm
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Aya names her adopted world Pantheon, and nicknames herself Spring (in the sense of springs of water, like those her goddess is of). Isabella and Adarin stay long enough to make her a mirror set (the other half accompanies them, in space in Isabella's portal bag made by the used-up resurrection herbs), make a portal in a nook of the chosen mountaintop between Pantheon and Chamomile, and leave a marker for another so there will be an easy chain from Chamomile to Pantheon to the home of the elderly and apparently lonesome Adarin.

And when they have done all of this, they stay long enough for not-lonesome Adarin to recover enough mana, and -

they go visit his alt.


Jun. 9th, 2014 08:23 pm
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The Earthlings native and adopted stay in Marlatia, hiding uneventfully in the guest room, for several days. Isabella immortalizes king and queen both when they sneak her to a sufficiently large, empty, and unoccupied room to do it in. When Adarin has enough mana he makes mirror pairs for each of their majesties to contact their counterpart - Isabella's portal bag is kind of accumulating mirrors at this point. And when he has more mana still, Iobel finds a slightly-bigger-than-door-sized plank and a set of hinges and some screws and combines all these objects on the ceiling of a lockable room on the first floor but out of the way, currently serving as storage for a lot of broken musical instruments that someone once probably identified as probably repairable. This plank gets a portal on it, and the Earthlings go home.

After catching up on business - and allowing time to recover mana, again - and getting their Marlatian alts a laptop each, and putting a router and chargers within easy reach of the portal on their side, which is also on a sheet of wood but is kept in their basement propped up against a wall -

Isabella snuggles up to her husband and suggests searching the planes for more of themselves.
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Incandescence is an RP (role play) hosted on Dreamwidth between me (Alicorn) and Aestrix. We each play many characters; all of my RP accounts (including many not used in Incandescence) belong to the Belltower community and Aestrix's may be found at Aestrices.

The short version of what Incandescence is about is that we put alternate universe versions of Bella from my fanfiction Luminosity in a wide variety of settings, some fanfictional in nature and others original, with some of Aestrix's characters, and see what happens. (Luminosity is a reasonable introduction to the "Bell" character template, but it is not strictly required reading for Incandescence and the two are not presently mutually canonical in any significant way.)

Incandescence is similar in many ways to Effulgence, which is an RP with loosely the same premise that I run with kappa instead of Aestrix. The circle is completed in the kappa-and-Aestrix comm Pixiethreads and the all-three-of-us Resplendence. There is an index of RPs in this vein by assorted author combinations here. If you like any one of these you should probably read the others too. Effulgence is by far the longest.

Content warnings: Incandescence contains rape, torture, abusive relationships, references to same, and other forms of cruelty to characters. Proceed with caution. We are mean.

Each world in Incandescence may be read alone up until the point where it collides with others. Below is an index in recommended reading order if you plan to read them all. The ∞ symbol next to a section heading means that this heading was still in progress in the last listed thread within that section, but you may read past ∞-marked sections without problems. You may discuss Incandescence (and other Alicorn projects) on the forum. Most posts have comment threads under them; some prefer to read them in threaded mode, where they keep drifting off to the right, but many people otherwise prefer to read in "flat" (just click "flat", and the comments' left margins will all line up and they will be arranged in pages).

Aestrix ran out of impetus with which to write Incandescence. It came to an end formally in January 2015. If you want to know what we originally planned to have happen, it is summarized in this thread. You may download an EPUB of Incandescence.

  1. Chamomile

    1. Picknicking
    2. Thingamajig
    3. Familial
    4. Clannish
    5. Finances
    6. Planetary
    7. Birthday
    8. Properly
    9. Birds
    10. Months
    11. Anniversary
    12. Stash
    13. Population

  2. Bindings

    1. Obvious Choice
    2. Shindig
    3. Announcement
    4. Hostility
    5. Motherly

  3. First Plague

    1. Contact
    2. Breakfast

  4. Door

    1. Into A Magic

  5. Second Plague

    1. Navigation
    2. Revolutionary
    3. Gateway
    4. Prime
    5. History Lesson
    6. Painting
    7. Knife

  6. Phixable

    1. Ghost
    2. Sphinx
    3. Faun
    4. Bugbear
    5. Peryton

  7. Third Plague

    1. You've Got Mail
    2. Equation
    3. Sister
    4. Witch
    5. Dragon

  8. Daevinity

    1. Filtration
    2. Certification
    3. Renovation
    4. Desolate

  9. Fourth Plague

    1. Jealousy
    2. Couples
    3. Homestead
    4. Archaeology
    5. Dissemination
    6. Domain
    7. Dropouts
    8. Keys
    9. Portals

  10. Gemini

    1. Apollo
    2. Cassandra
    3. Nasatya
    4. Artemis

  11. Fifth Plague

    1. Twin
    2. Surprise

  12. Necklace

    1. Golden Knife
    2. Slow Progress
    3. Impatience
    4. Celebrity

  13. Sixth Plague

    1. Falling Ill
    2. Overnight
    3. Repossession
    4. Virtuous Gossip

  14. Ravel

    1. Happenstance
    2. Artificer's Standard
    3. Platinum and Diamond

  15. Midnight

    1. Like Glass
    2. Volatile Under Pressure

  16. Basket

    1. Wildflower
    2. Cultivar

  17. Pond

    1. She Never

  18. Geode

    1. Dreams
    2. He Likes Tea in the Mornings
    3. He's Such A Prude Though
    4. So Far There's Always An Age Gap

  19. Sorcery

    1. Supreme

Due to limitations of Dreamwidth, we cannot edit any comment that has replies under it. Please don't submit notifications of typos in Incandescence unless they're on the top-level posts or the last comments in a thread. Or if you can't understand what was meant and you need clarification.

Please never make comments on story threads. You are encouraged to discuss Incandescence in my forum.

There will not be any more Incandescence, with the possible and rare exception of individual unpealed scenes. If you want closure for these plots and a peek at what we would have done if we'd continued writing, see the eulogy.


Jun. 4th, 2014 12:28 pm
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Veron is installed in a nice house in Seattle with the help of Isabella's staff.

The colony gets big enough that Isabella sculpts herself an ice crown and applies permanency to it so it won't melt. She makes Adarin one too out of cypress branches, wired into shape, magicked to stay alive and shaped like that, and then freed of the wire. She wears hers on Earth sometimes, as well as on the colony. Her queen elects not to comment.

Various people are resurrected. Isabella hires more people to sort more requests; she's not going to be able to handle this via descending on charities. (She extracts longer-term promises of help - and nonviolence - from the clans she shares this spell with, though.) She opens an office near San Francisco, puts a lot of poultry in the back yard and makes a deal with an egg producer to save the otherwise unwanted males till adulthood for the purpose in future months, arranges regular deliveries of all the necessary herbs and ashes, and has someone carve out an enormous stencil of all the runes to speed up the process: the diagram may now be drawn with a broom, as long as it's still a witch doing it. (She also has stencils of the immortalization spell made.) There is always some witch in residence, working off their favor to her a few hours at a time, and a security team to prevent unruly demands, interference by religious protestors, and a receptionist or two to make sure the people coming in actually have appointments (or standby arrangements, in case of no-shows) to collect loved ones.

She gets into a bit of an argument with the United States military about resurrecting fallen soldiers. While she originally had no intention of discriminating against soldiers, she insists that resurrected ones be considered honorably discharged and that their re-upping be optional, and absolutely refuses to approve any systematic preferential resurrection of people who are just going to pick up guns and walk into war zones again.

Normally, there would be some clan with access to the spell who'd cut a deal.

On this occasion, with this particular Olympic witch having come up with three (really two, but the portals are still officially credited to her, with everyone understanding now that she's proprietary about the process and capitalistic about the disposition to fund her anti-death projects) revolutionary spells in fewer years than that, they're a little concerned that they won't get a look in the next time she publishes, if they do things she doesn't approve of.

Isabella threatens to move her resurrection office to New Zealand. The military backpedals. Resurrections proceed.

(Isabella does open a second resurrection office in New Zealand. And one in Finland and one in India. There are witch clans all around the world and they are all beholden to her.)

Insurance companies freak out, then remake their actuarial tables and throw lawyers at their contractual language and calm down again. Isabella's insurance company of choice has a small head start. Isabella's insurance company of choice loves her.

Luzia gets her son back. She dithers for a bit about the husband. She gets the husband back. The husband is kind of taken aback by Luzia's activities since then but decides that Zeviana "doesn't count" as cheating. It's up to Zeviana whether she wants to call that close enough and continue carrying on.

Isabella and Adarin have no such problems. They continue to be deliriously happy.

Then, there's a relatively slow day. Isabella flops across her husband's lap on the couch and says, "Want to start looking for places to plague with utopias?"


Jun. 2nd, 2014 09:45 pm
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Adarin is shaken awake one morning by a fiancée who is about five thousand times perkier than she usually is at odd, dark-outside hours.

"Wake up wake up wake up!"


May. 17th, 2014 11:13 am
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Isabella has one of the central not-a-portal bits of the hub - the ones that are occupied by a shifting collection of the airport-standard restaurants and gift shops and newsstands - turned into a small apartment-cum-office for Seraphina. The office is unlabeled for the time being - just "Authorized Personnel Only" in ominous letters - but Isabella tells her what the fire and security alarms sound like and suggests that she be a responder to these if they go off. "Mutter your mnemonics under your breath while you do anything magic in public, and people will figure you're a witch," she says. "I'm still thinking about any less irregular jobs I could have you doing, but unless you come out with a more generic set of healing spells than it sounds like you currently have I don't think I can explain installing you as magical first aid." Seraphina gets a modest stipend on top of her room and voucher for the hub restaurants, and a brief tour of Chicago shopping (because there's dozens of cities to choose from but Chicago's the one she's seen before) so she knows how to avoid major cultural pitfalls trying to get a new pair of shoes.

Xiara, when her mana recovers, is directed to teleport to a tucked-away part of a temperate national preserve, told to lie low, given a list of endangered species she is not to eat or disturb, and left to her own devices with a mirror in case she wants to talk about something or needs help with a park ranger or something. Isabella could use an architect, but mostly on the colony, which is not to be known to any mages yet.
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Time passes. Canada is cooperative about portals and now there's one each in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, on a second floor of the hub with customs agents Isabella is tolerating for the time being as long as they're well-behaved. Japan and Australia and the UK all follow suit at roughly the same time, so then there are portals in their big cities, too, a couple new ones per week. Other nations are slated to trickle in as they handle their red tape to deal with sudden new national borders that don't have the built-in delay of airplanes. Some of the parking garages are being replaced with custom-built installations. Isabella pays off her loan, renegotiates for the continued use of her shiny credit card, and has reason to be grateful for her retained law firm, which is kept busy by frivolous lawsuits by airline companies. She's not appreciably cutting into their traffic yet - sure, the price point is dropping, but they're still competitive. They can just smell their own demise coming from a mile away.

Five witches besides Isabella ward the colony site. Robots guard the site of the portal, obligingly letting colonists through during scheduled trips and reporting to Isabella by mirror if anybody else shows up. Other robots help the colonists with setting up their farms and houses in the warded area. It'll hold a city, no problem, although another transfer of silks and bags to pay for warding a second site is going to be called for before they get literally everyone across, since in addition to city they need farmland, and since they can't build vertically as effectively as fully industrialized Earthlings or the deceased aliens.

One day:

"It's been exactly a year now since you crashed my picnic. Let's go to a fancy restaurant and celebrate."


May. 8th, 2014 10:19 pm
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Time passes.

Isabella's robot army cleans up the remaining robotic forces of their hated enemies without casualties, obligingly repurposes themselves for helping with infrastructure and explaining what she finds in the computer systems, and is generally convenient and helpful.

Adarin finishes the armor silk spell. Isabella's set are cosmetically special - mostly black, but with forest-green twining over the fabric and edged with pale blue as though she's been accumulating frost. In them, she looks almost more like a witch-garb-inspired runway model than a witch, but she loves them and promptly switches to wearing them all the time. (He asked if she wanted to wait till Christmas. She said no, and then teased him that he'd have to think of something else for Christmas.) He makes more, but doesn't pretty them up; they're for other people.

The portal network and the personnel helping with it expands. The hub building is operational on schedule and the surfaces with portals in them are moved there after being temporarily closed on their far ends. The price point starts dropping. Isabella's staff starts making progress on getting the necessary permissions to put portals in foreign countries. Isabella acquires ludicrous amounts of money; she's waiting for slightly more ludicrous amounts before she pays back her loan, though.

Zeviana and Luzia continue to get along famously without that much in the way of Serious Relationship Conversation. Zeviana does useful things for the clan and makes friends and generally fits right in. Ranata shows her interesting places on the Earth; with the help of her nepotism-based access pass to the portal network, this is mostly within the United States to start, though teleportation makes other continents more convenient to get to than they might otherwise be. Still, most of her time is spent on clan lands, which makes it at best inconvenient to scry on her from New Kystle.

Path continues to touch Adarin occasionally, briefly, especially if Isabella's off somewhere; he seems to do it mostly for a sort of check-in with the comfort it provides. Sometimes and apparently for separate reasons he will solicit extended petting, which seems to be more recreational than soothing (it's possible to tell mostly because of the way Isabella will go limp and smiley and heavy-lidded wherever she is in the room when this occurs). Vern doesn't touch Isabella again. Isabella is unbothered; she doesn't expect it.


May. 5th, 2014 10:51 pm
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The Liandrils build up their mana enough to return home. They do so; the hotel charges Isabella a steep fee for the room service and the stay itself but not enough to break the bank and not enough to represent damage to the premises or anything.

They teleport away from their daemons, experience a moment of barely-there discomfort apiece, and keep them in a well-warded closet together where they will not be readily discovered or vulnerable.

The Liandrils report on the situation to some other mages.

Some other mages are... even more concerned than they are.

This Isabella character has clearly got to go, or at least be brought under some reasonable semblance of control.

What is the obvious way to do this?

Well, to these mages, the obvious way is:

They scry on her owl. He is having a rest in this tree, correspondence about obscure magic attached to his leg; he's not near her, but as they understand it, that doesn't mean there's no connection to exploit.

They come in a group so they don't need to linger longer than is necessary to seize the bird in three pairs of coordinated hands and then disappear again.

Miles away, in her kitchen, with a vial of safflower oil in one hand and a spellbook in the other, Isabella collapses breathlessly to the floor and convulses.


May. 1st, 2014 03:16 pm
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Isabella skips down the list of cities by population to put a portal setup in Seattle. Mostly for her and her mother's and potentially Zeviana's convenience. It's the biggest city within reasonable commute distance of the clan lands.

It is here that he and Isabella are hanging out, unprotected by any wards, when someone back in New Kystle thinks to check.

"Darling!" exclaims Yerena Liandril. "I've found Adarin! That liar Antelier said he was nowhere to be found but I just double-checked, and he's with that extraplanar hussy in her plane. Holding her hand. Those odd birds they have are practically on top of each other. How is your mana supply, darling?"


Apr. 30th, 2014 07:22 pm
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A news article about the portals gets into the Wall Street Journal. Isabella gives a small press release to the others. She raises the price. She buys a parking garage each in Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia, and over the next week Adarin puts portals in them. She raises the price again, because there's only so much room in the hub. She is attacked by various blogs accusing her of elitism and an entitlement complex.

She takes her accumulated ticket money and her loan money and hires contractors to build a proper portal port (it amuses her to say this phrase) on her land into which the portal walls may be moved. (She made them out of relatively portable - ha - material; they should be movable into their new homes when ready without cracking, and if one breaks, Adarin can replace it.) The estimated date of the portal port's completion is in very late October, and that's because it's a rush job she's paying exorbitantly for. She expects to want to replace it with a more congenially located and prettily architected building in two or three years, not to mention better solutions than repurposed parking garages on the far ends, but an adequate port now will be better than an ideal one in a year. It has asphalt for cars to drive on and plenty of dangling signs and paint on the ground to direct them on the first floor, and ramps up for pedestrians to go from portal to portal (around a circular promenade with spaces for restaurants and suchlike to nest in, if they care to fork over the outrageous rent.) There are slots for two hundred and fifty portals in this structure and room to build another ring around it for an equal number more if she doesn't have the big pretty permanent version up soon.

She buys a garage in Phoenix, hires people to paint over its misleading signage, and Adarin puts a portal in it. She raises her prices but also starts selling week passes for just three times the price of a round trip ticket. She tells the manager-level staffperson to hire more underlings and promote one or two. She could repay her loan, now; she doesn't, in case she needs the slush fund for something.

Between portal-makings, Adarin makes mirrors; Isabella's parents get half-pairs, and there are extras around for people's daemons. Ranata is not clear on what the advantage over telephones is supposed to be. Adarin receives a telephone. Isabella's house becomes home to a nice computer.

She hires security guards and a human resources person and a payroll clerk. She buys a garage in San Antonio and Adarin puts a portal in it.

She turns twenty.


Apr. 27th, 2014 07:35 pm
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Over the next week, Isabella gets the alethiometer to tell her that the planets they looked at don't contain microorganisms that know what to do with a human body (although the one with the giant bugs has some multicellular parasites that might be able to make do with the foreign macro-scale features of a human body if they got the chance). "The present", it includes in one of its answer phrasings, which is kind of worrying. But Adarin makes enough progress with his scry in little enough time that it's worth the double-check.

Isabella also hires ticket-takers, gives them little pots of ink to verify the authenticity of the passes she handed out, and opens the Los Angeles - New York route for the employees of her three companies of choice and anyone who shells out a cool fifteen thousand dollars per round trip (ten K for a one-way). This is steep, but it's within an order of magnitude of what people sometimes pay for short-notice first-class cross-country flights - with less novelty and more hassle. Albeit she doesn't supply inflight meals. She expects to have to raise the price when more people hear about it in response to volume and then be able to drop it again.

By the time the thing has been open for a few days she's fired and replaced one ticket-taker and the others have settled into a routine that she's willing to try out leaving unsupervised for awhile.

If Adarin's up for some up close and personal planet shopping and his results suggest it'll go well, anyway.


Apr. 25th, 2014 08:33 pm
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Isabella manages, by the liberal use of cloudpine travel, assorted magic, and her alethiometer, to acquire possession of a parking garage each in Manhattan and Los Angeles.

Into these she has Adarin place a portal set.

And then she mixes up a batch of suitably witchy ink that she'll be able to identify as authentic later, marks up a bunch of pieces of paper with it, and walks into: a bank.

Adarin's welcome to come along, if he likes...


Apr. 20th, 2014 01:26 pm
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Isabella consults the alethiometer.

"Well," she sighs, "the ambiguously good news is, I think these variously phrased responses add up to: teleporting to separate works fine and won't kill her, but it condenses all the unpleasantness into the single moment. But at least it'll be over with quickly."

"Witches all have two names," it occurs to Ranata to say. "We mostly use the first, unless we're being formal or distinguishing between two with the same first name, and then it's both. Ranata Ekamma; Isabella Amariah. Like that. What's your full name?"


Apr. 17th, 2014 09:11 pm
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In the morning, Isabella does her best to extricate herself without prematurely waking Adarin. They don't need to leave on anything like a tight schedule.

She's not nearly graceful enough to reliably manage this, of course.
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Adarin's magic has some advantages over witchcraft, but it is imperfect. Still, over time, mana recovers, and in this time Metis's hospitality does not run out.

They watch Harry Potter, Adarin is introduced to Wikipedia, he makes the second thingamajig. Isabella interrogates her alethiometer.

It's kind of cryptic about whether she has to fear being a "crazy witch". But she's tentatively optimistic and still brainstorming new ways to format the question. (She complains about the alethiometer being bad at numbers and at "yes" and "no".)

It can, however, identify landmarks by referring to whatever they're named after. It's not so hard to interpret on the subject of where she may find a place to claim. She moves into it, Adarin in tow, Metis retained as a friendly advisor but apprenticeship terminated. The place has plumbing and a generator already; she gets satellite Internet for an entire half-day of spellcasting and collects a hand-me-down laptop from a mortal friend of her mother's. She sets up arrangements for building a nice big wall along the edge of a clearing on her appropriated property. It's a very busy couple of weeks.

Eventually she tries asking the alethiometer a fifteenth way whether she's prone to crazy witchitude. Whether she'd ever hurt someone she loved if they rejected her, or even threaten it.

The alethiometer says: love violence counter-to querent nature.

She's starting to get the hang of interpreting it, even if most of the practice has involved getting the addresses (via intersection and cardinal direction because it can't give her anything so useful as house number or latitude) and this is - this is pretty damn good.

This is good enough.

Of course, that's not all the answer she needs, is it?

Path goes looking for Vernaia.
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There's something unutterably pleasant about landing in a bit of woods in the middle of Nowhere, Manitoba, removing a sandwich and an apple from her backpack and having a picnic before she's ready to move on. She could eat in midair, but it makes it too likely that she'll drop something and find it unrecoverable.

Path's on her knee, and her cloudpine is propped up against the tree next to her.
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Not indexed or principally hosted here are Silmaril, Effulgence, Incandescence, and Resplendence. There is another glowfic community which is mostly for sandboxes in which I do not appear. Announcements of new and updated-after-periods-of-dormancy sandbox threads of mine are made in this forum thread. Bolded sandboxes have come to clear conclusions; others are dangling mid-storyline, potentially to be picked up later, or trailed off without a strong endpoint. Italicized sandboxes are some of my personal favorites.

You may download a scrape of these sandboxes as an EPUB, and figure out when it was last updated based on this thread.




Milliways Meetings

Aether & Tinuben (with Liz)

Aegis & Charles (with Fi)

Kerron & Bryce (with Adiva)

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Mallyn, Rithka, and Felicity (with kappa)

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Edie summons Demon Cam (with Maggie)

Emily summons Demon Cam (with Maggie)

Alex and Demon Cam are summoned together (with ErinFlight)

Destin summons Demon Cam (with Rockeye)

Demon Cam in Cloudbank (with Rockeye)

Demon Cam in Suranse (with kappa)

Demon Cam in XCOM (with Rockeye)

Sadde and Demon Cam (with Pedro)

Tiro summons Demon Cam (with kappa)

Demon Edie and Demon Cam (with Maggie and lintamande)

Glen summons Demon Cam (with ErinFlight)

Sad Cam and Aral (with kappa)

Sad Cam and Timothy (with lintamande)

Sad Cam and Atailora Korovai (with kappa)

Cam At The End Of All Things (with lintamande)

Cam in Threefold with Sindri (with kappa)

ATEOAT Cam and Kaede (with Pedro)

ATEOAT Cam and Sindri (with kappa)


Fairyland Excursions

Max & Promise (with Benedict)

Emma and Promise (with Marri)

Promise and Darren and Savannah (with Aestrix)

Ari and Promise (with andaisq)

Lord Ruler and Promise (with Nemo)

Promise and the Admin (with kappa)

Promise and the Marinos (with Marri)

Promise and Nick (with Rockeye)

Steel and Promise (with Rockeye)

Daphne and Promise (with Maggie)

Promise in Cape (with Nemo)

Promise and Gren (with Rockeye)

Promise and Miles (with kappa)

Promise and Minus (with kappa)

Callida in Fairyland (with Aestrix)

Thario in Fairyland (with Throne3d)

Lioncourt in Fairyland (with Eva)

Lost Epic and Promise (with lintamande)

Korovai and Promise (with kappa)

The Master and Promise (with ErinFlight)

Occlus and Promise (with Diaeresis)


Misadventures of Holly and Crystal

Holly and Crystal fall into Welce (with Marri)

Holly and Crystal fall near Minus (with kappa)

Holly and Crystal fall near Mark (with kappa)

Holly and Crystal fall near Max (with Benedict)

Holly and Crystal fall into Terraria (with Aestrix)

Holly and Crystal fall near Erin (with Rockeye)

Holly and Crystal fall near Emily and Edie (with Maggie)


Non-Juliet Slayer Bells

Max & Slayer Bella (with Benedict)

Barbecue Forks (with Lynette)

Slayer Bella and Cara (with Anthusiasm)

AU Cruciamentum (with kappa)

Slayer Bella and Miles (with kappa)

Slayer Bella and Shard (with ErinFlight)

Slayer Bella and Fairy Ellie (with Diaeresis)


Lost Pens

Pen and Veron (with Aestrix)

Ari and Pen (with andaisq)

Prime and Pen (with Aestrix)

Pen on Barrayar (with kappa)

Pen and Edie and Emily (with Maggie)

Pen and Gloria (with Maggie)

Pen and Gren (with Rockeye)

Pen in Arda (with lintamande, guest star kappa)

Epic and Pen and Linya (with lintamande)

Pen in Cloudbank (with Rockeye)


Visits to Kaja di Ragnar

Kaja and Darren (with Aestrix)

Veron and Kaja (with Aestrix)

Theod and Kaja (with PDV)

Nick and Kaja (with Rockeye)

Kaja and Aianon (with kappa)


Six-Artifact-Pileup Annie

Annie falls on Stalas (with kappa, guest star Aestrix)

Annie falls on Edie and Emily (with Maggie)

Annie falls on Rirosseth; Sequel (with lintamande)


Miscellaneous/Other Short Form Sandboxes

Lorica and cape!twins (with Aestrix)

Ramón and T'Mir (with Benedict)

AU Bell and Neville (with Lynette)

Loki and Zeviana (with Aestrix)

Harriet and Twilight (with Zack)

Lorica and Aiden (with Calima)

Golden and Ryou (with ErinFlight)

The Organization meets the Golden Empire (with ErinFlight)

Ivan and Mark (with kappa)

Timer and Flush (with PDV)

Jann and Ari (with andaisq)

Flicker at Whateley (with andaisq)

Aurin and Minus (with kappa)

The Lord Ruler in Arceus (with Nemo)

Skeeve and Kithabel (with Nemo)

Inavet and T'Mir (with Aestrix)

Miranda and pinks at Hogwarts (with andaisq)

Quilt and Kithabel (with Aestrix)

Ryou and Kiri (with ErinFlight)

Jann and Sezan (with andaisq)

Jann and Emmalina (with Marri, guest star kappa)

Eve and Suzy and Arthur (with PDV)

Addy and Pinks (with andaisq)

Loki and Nick (with Rockeye)

Loki and Inavet (with Aestrix)

Ari and Clarity (with andaisq)

Gem and Nick (with Rockeye)

Lindworm (with kappa)

A Connecticut Yankee in Tayane (with Nemo)

Steel in Tayane (with Rockeye)

Lurker in Quinn (with Adelene)

T'Mir and Hivers (with Rockeye)

T'Mir and EVE (with Eva)

Hiver in Arceus (with Rockeye)

Angela and Darius (with Aestrix)

Exaltation and Thanjen (with Unbitwise)

Exaltation and Blueberry (with kappa)

Exaltation and Hivers (with Rockeye)

Shara and Aril (with andaisq)

Tetyis in Quinn (with Unbitwise)

Grendyne in Aurum (with Rockeye)

Loki and Raiden (with ErinFlight)

Blair the vampire (with Aestrix)

May, Jaromira, Kanimir, and Daphne (with Maggie)

Aether at Whateley (with andasiq)

Sadde in Aurum (with Pedro)

In Which A Bell Is The Second Coming Of Christ (with Maggie)

Ivan and Aaron (with kappa)

Phaeton!Bell summons Fairy Nick (with Rockeye)

Faith and Chelsea (with Moriwen)

Oat et al (with kappa)

Shell Bell summons Mwamba (with ErinFlight)

Shine AU (with lintamande)

Chris in Rewind (with ErinFlight)

Midnight and Issiak (with lintamande and kappa)

Lost Epic and Aya (with lintamande)

Lost Epic in Superluminal!Barrayar (with lintamande and kappa)

Ambela in Thedas (with kappa)

Boots, Rúmil, and Epic in Space Arda (with lintamande)

Puella Magi Emily and Edie (with Maggie)

T'Mir with Jean and Zari (with Moriwen)




Amounts Of Dragon - (with kappa)

  1. This One Is Safe
  2. Kaylo & Lazarus
  3. Ehail & Lazarus
  4. Miraculous Age
  5. Severe Discomfort
  6. Miracles Two A Penny

In Which Teah... - (with kappa)

  1. Teah in summoning circle
  2. Home Sweet Home

Lumos (with Marri)

  1. Back to School Shopping
  2. Bubble Bubble
  3. Wingardium Leviosa
  4. Joy of Cooking
  5. Hunting Unicorns
  6. Propheteering
  7. Activism
  8. Obliviate
  9. QSWA
  10. Holly Hols
  11. Yuletide

Sunday (with Marri)

  1. Benedicimus Te
  2. Quis Custodiet
  3. Nulli Secundus
  4. Coniecturalem Artem
  5. Via Veritas Et Vita
  6. Vis Accipere
  7. Caveat Uxor
  8. Aeternum Vale

Myth (with Marri)

  1. Restoration
  2. Fashion Statement
  3. To Paris With Love
  4. Investigation
  5. Greeting Cards
  6. Coffee Chats

League (with kappa)

  1. hell of a party
  2. slipped along the way (interstitial; linked from within)
  3. smallts (branch; linked from within)
  4. why is there a word for that (for context, read Amounts of Dragon)
  5. thematically appropriate

Heroic Rescue (with kappa)

  1. let that sync in
  2. unaccountable popularity

Bluebell Flames (with Pedro)

  1. Double Witch
  2. Alchemical Blurb
  3. Witch Hat
  4. Wintery Visits
  5. Summer
  6. High Temperatures
  7. Hatchery

Coruscation (with Pedro)

  1. Rogue, Meet Hero
  2. Endbringer, Meet Gun
  3. Branding Lady, Meet Meek Little Lamb
  4. Brockton Bay, Meet Glam
  5. Behemoth, Meet The Opposition
  6. Internet, Meet [insert title of Glam's webseries]
  7. Philadelphia, Meet Chevalier
  8. Simurgh, Meet Your Nemesis
  9. Brockon Bay Heroes, Meet Plant Tinker
  10. Blasto, Meet Official Opinions On Self-Replicating Minions
  11. Lung, Meet Rewind
  12. Pretoria, Meet Behemoth
  13. Glam, Meet Your New Best Friend
  14. Everybody, Meet The Slaughterhouse Nine

Eclipse (with Pedro) Constellation Import

  1. starve in the wilderness
  2. do not be late
  3. be discreet
  4. find gainful employment
  5. behave
  6. honor thy father
  7. terraform me a planet
  8. comply with international law

Starlight (with Pedro)

  1. and in my hands place honesty
  2. veritable

Fairylights (with Pedro)

  1. finding the way
  2. infiltrating the court
  3. courting the fairy

This Is Constant Escalation (with Nemo)

  1. constant escalation
  2. this is crazy
  3. -trajectory. agreement.-




Avet and Mial (takes Amounts of Dragon as continuity through This One Is Safe) (with kappa and Aestrix) (as Elcenians)

Leafy Glowfic (with kappa and others), various threads (as Ivan and Demon Cam)

Radon Absinthe (with kappa and andaisq) beginning at "onwards to adventure!" (as Narnians)

Witch's Cape, Not Hat (with Nemo and Rockeye) (as Dinah Alcott)

I know you (with llintamande and Maggie) (as Bar)

Strange attractors (with Jarnvidr and Diaeresis) (as Demon Cam)


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